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Many people spend life wondering, “I wonder if I’ll ever love what I do for work?” 

Others bounce from job to job, hoping, “Maybe this is going to be the one.” 

And some just wish, “I’d love to know myself better, so my career didn’t just happen to me.”

Maybe that’s you. 

Hey, let’s be honest. Careers are complicated these days. And very few of us really know ourselves well.

It shouldn’t be so hard. Right?

It’s time for a new perspective.


Whether you’re finishing school, starting your career, experiencing a mid-life or quarter-life crisis, or just ready to engage your current work in fresh new ways, Vocationality was made for you.

  • You’ll be guided to discover your gifts, which are unique (unlike a personality or Enneagram type).

  • You’ll identify work that harnesses those gifts.

  • And—if your current situation isn’t a Good Fit—you’ll figure out how to get there from where you are.

  • Along the way, you’ll get input at just the right times from three people who know you, care about you, and are willing to be honest with you.

You’re not a commodity. You’re unique, and both you and your work should benefit from that uniqueness. Learn how to be yourself well with Vocationality.


Your Guide


Back in 2009 when Will Gray was a professor at Clemson University, he was tasked with teaching a class for seniors on landing your career job. In the process, Will realized that his students benefited the most from rethinking their path in the world. Some even changed their majors. That class became the foundation for Vocationality. Since then, Dr. Gray has helped hundreds of organizations and individuals discover their identity and how to harness it through ALIGN (for organizations) and Vocationality (for individuals).  

Will brings a unique background to Vocationality, including a PhD from the University of St Andrews, several years as a Creative Director, a sense of humor, and a passion for meaningful conversation.


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If you have questions or want to get started on discovering what you’re made to do, email me at will.gray@vocationality.com. I’m here for you.